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For those times when you’re craving the sweetness, dryness, and fruitiness that comes with a hard cider or a lambic, we’ve got you covered here at The Hoppy Monk. As a San Antonio, TX brewpub with a huge selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, we also make sure to carry a rotating list of hand-selected ciders and lambics alongside IPAs, stouts, and other beer styles.

If you’re wondering what makes cider a cider and a lambic a lambic, our expert bartenders at The Hoppy Monk have the answers. We know that sometimes our extensive beer list can be overwhelming, with all the different styles that we offer, which is why we like to delve deep into a certain style and give people an overview of what they’re getting into. Here are some of the ciders and the lambics that we offer at our brewpub, as well as definitions for ciders and lambics.

What is a Cider?

Even though cider is often lumped in with beer on bar menus, cider is in its own category. Many drinkers report that ciders have a flavor profile that more closely resembles wine than beer. While there are a few mass market ciders available in beer stores, here at The Hoppy Monk, we like to feature ciders from craft breweries or cideries. Some drinkers complain that those mass-market ciders are too sweet for their palette and dismiss the category entirely. Luckily for them, the ciders that we have on tap feature flavors that run the gamut from sweet to dry to sparkling to tart to barrel-aged.

What is a Lambic?

A lambic is a style of beer that originated in Belgium at the world-renowned Cantillon Brewery. Since then, other breweries have taken on the challenge of brewing lambics. Lambics are known for their distinct flavor profile: dry, vinous, and cidery, typically with a sour aftertaste. Within the broader category of lambic, there are subcategories of kriek, gueuze, and faro.

Our Ciders and Lambics

The menu at The Hoppy Monk features a rotating selection of ciders and lambics. Here are our current selections.

ACE Perry Cider: This all-natural cider is brewed at the ACE cidery in Sebastopol, CA. It has a crisp, champagne-like body and is perfect for those sweltering San Antonio summer days.

Lindemans Peche: Our draft lambic, the Lindemans Peche is brewed in Vlezenbeek, Belgium, the country of origin for the lambic style. Coming in at a low 2.5 percent ABV, the lambic is golden in color with a nose that fills the surrounding area with a scent of fresh peaches. It’s sparkling, crisp, and features a refreshing blend of acidity and fruitiness.

Saint Arnold Original Dry Cider: Texas cider fans likely know of Saint Arnold cidery in Houston, TX. One of their flagship ciders is the Original Dry Cider, which boasts a bright apple flavor and aroma with pear, citrus, and melon notes.

Shacksbury Arlo: One of the more unique ciders that we offer, the Shacksburg Arlo, originating from Vermont, is spontaneously fermented. This means that the hopped wort is exposed to the cool outside air, exposing it to natural yeasts. The Arlo is aromatic, sparkling, and dry, with grapefruit flavors.

San Antonio, TX Brewpub

Whether you’re thirsty for a cider, lambic, or different beer style, we are sure to have what you are looking for at The Hoppy Monk. Additionally, we also boast some of the best drink specials in San Antonio along with a diverse brunch, lunch, and dinner menu.

If you have any questions for our staff, you can contact us at (210) 545-3330.

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